A Bit About Us

Joe Lube began some 20 years ago when I moved to Atlanta to start a new life in which I could live openly with my sexuality. Soon after arriving in Atlanta, I began volunteering at the local gay and lesbian center. I was given plenty of literature to hand out, but we did not hand out condoms and personal lubrication. When I asked about this, I was told condoms were too expensive to give away.

In that moment, the concept of Joe Lube was born. I began by researching the products on the market and to my horror found manufacturers were still selling lubricants containing Noxineal 9 (a product known to interfere with HIV medications).

It took two years to develop a great product line and to secure the necessary medical device licenses to launch Joe Lube. But when Joe Lube came on the market, we were the first company to manufacture and sell both condoms and personal lubricants. Our personal lubricant is manufactured in the US from the highest quality 100% food grade ingredients.

Since then, we have remained true to our commitment that everyone should have access to quality condoms. Over the years, Joe Lube has given away tens of thousands of free condoms through not-for-profit organizations nationwide. If you are like me, you have lost far too many friends to HIV. At Joe Lube, we will continue to do our best to promote the health of our community. So, be safe and use condoms.

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